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I have crossed paths with some high performing individuals at the local DZ. Anyone from Business Directors, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, First Responders and the odd Australian Army Commando. The level of stress experienced by these individuals based on their occupation, I believe makes them high performing individuals. Skydiving is definitely considered a high performing activity or career, given the amount of stress experienced by body and nervous system. Lets be honest, going up to 13,000 ft. and plummeting toward the space rock we call home for ‘fun’, is not a normal activity for the most humans.

Being a high performer and being surrounded by them daily, I noticed a common trend of ignorance towards burnout and difficulties managing the impacts of stress, which would inevitably lead to symptoms such as short attention span, poor memory, scattered thoughts and constant fatigue. It is considered normal to do long hours with little breaks and in some industries it is expected. I am one of those ignorant people, or at least I was.

Mark Curry was one of those people dancing with fatigue among other symptoms of burnout whilst working as a Lawyer in Australia, so he began doing research into the benefits of Nootropics and superfoods in an attempt to come up with an alternative to coffee, which was giving him limited benefits, overdose shakes and the afternoon crash. Mark ended up with a container of carefully measured and mixed powder in his desk that was full of Nootropics, vitamins and superfoods that helped him perform better. He started being approached by colleagues wanting his concoction to get them through the day instead of relying on coffee (as we all do) and you guessed it, someone suggested he bottle the ingredients.

I first met Mark when we were playing American Football for a team in Western Sydney, but little did I know that he was about to quit his career as a lawyer to dedicate all his time and life savings to working on the drink that Savvy is today.

Mark spent several years educating himself on Nootropics which has lead to him being Australia’s leading expert on Nootropics. He worked with nutritionists, food scientists and health experts to create the Savvy ‘Brain Boost’ drink which contains more healthy ingredients than any other drink in Australia.

The ingredients in Savvy have been scientifically proven to enhance your cognitive functions and brain health whilst improving your focus, reducing stress and anxiety whilst booting your mood. The ingredients have been carefully formulated to ensure the right potency and right amount is and carefully measured to ensure the right amount of goodness goes into every can.

What is just as important as the ingredients is the DOSE. You’ll actually find that most products on the market claim to contain beneficial nootropic ingredients, however don’t contain enough to give you the benefit. This ticks Mark off – I’ve seen it. Fair enough too because it paints other products such as Savvy in with the same brush and consumers start thinking they don’t work. The Savvy brain boost drink proves otherwise with the correct dose/amount of ingredients in each can to provide the brain with benefits.

So what are Nootropics? Simply put, they are smart drugs or cognitive enhancers that help your brain function and brain health. These ingredients are not new! They have been used for centuries and there is a plethora of scientific reports and control studies listing the benefits of the ingredients. One of the most common is caffeine, but did you know paired with L-theanine (another Nootropic ingredient), will increase the benefits of caffeine whilst removing the jitters and other side effects? There are other ingredients that work well in pairs or clusters that Mark has added to the Savvy Brain Booster drink.

Savvy is now stocked at Fire Stations, Police Stations, University of Technology (UTS), IT professional workplaces, grocers and health food stores.

So why am I talking about Savvy?

Mark is a friend of mine, but he doesn’t even know I am writing this or endorsing his product. I receive no benefit or financial advantage to talk about Savvy. I’m talking about it, because it has helped me.

Like I’d mentioned earlier, I work in a high performance occupation and top that with normal life stress and skydiving, I was going through stress spikes, post skydiving down moods, bouts of fatigue, poor memory recall and bad moods.

I ordered a box of Savvy to help me out of that rut, like people order new shoes to motivate them to go to the gym, and it was a good start. I attended the Naturally Good health food expo where Mark wasn’t advertising his products, but instead dedicated his time to talk on stage and educate people, including myself, on what Nootropics are, the benefits of certain ingredients and why people should do their own research to find out what ingredients they should supplement into their diet.

After gaining some knowledge about Nootropics from Mark, I did some more of my own research to see what other ingredients, not contained within Savvy, would help me and found another couple of things to add to my diet which has helped my brain function.

I’ll tell you how I know how Savvy has helped – I’m remembering peoples names! I am, or at least I was renowned for forgetting peoples names. My old introduction was, “nice to meet you John, I apologise but I meet so many people every day that I’ll forget your name in five minutes”. We would laugh like it was normal to forget names and within two minutes, as expected, I had forgotten his name. You can imagine the awkward moments this caused in relationships outside of work too.

Other benefits I’ve experienced are; the ability to remain focused on tasks, feeling more calm in stressful situations and making it through the day with full focus. My eyes still get heavy and a bit itchy to indicate I am tired but I can still think clearly until I need to sleep, with no negative impact on my sleep.

Just to be clear, this is not at all nutritional advice, I am no health expert and do not claim to be. Before using any supplement I recommend speaking with a health care professional. I am merely sharing my experience with a product that has provided me with noticeable benefits.

Savvy is great, check it out for yourself. If you’re not sure about the ingredients or want to know more about them, they’re all listed on the Savvy website including their benefits including how much is required for a benefit and how much is included in the drink.

Although Mark is the CEO and Founder of Savvy, he is a humble guy happy to answer any of your questions. Just reach out to him on any Savvy social media page which are down below.

If you are interested in buying Savvy Brain Boost send me an email and I may have a code for you.

– Corey

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