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Choose the pricing package the suits you, fill in the form and post images to list your items for sale.

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One listed item*
Listed as 'New' for 3 days
Up to 8 photos


12.00 AUD
  • All 'Free' items plus
  • Extended listing period**


29.00 AUD
  • All 'Free' items plus
  • Listed as Featured
  • Featured Label
  • Displayed on 'Homepage'
  • Extended listing period**

* Listing will be live for 14 days.

** Extended period listing will be live for 30 days

Frequently asked questions for making a listing

You’ve chosen which package suits you and you’re ready to pass on your beloved gear to someone else to love on their journey. 

Click on the ‘Register Now’ buttom at the bottom of your desired package and you will be asked to login or register an account with Australian Parachute Classified if you have not already.

You will then be prompted to choose a payment type where you will enter your details and pay for your selected package. 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments. 

Unfortunately we do not accept amex or diners cards. 

It is in your best interest to remove the listing so you don’t continue to get contacted by interested buyers. 

If you are on a package that has an expiry date, you can let it run out but you will still get reminder emails from us about your listing.

If your package doesn’t expire, you will be contacted every 28 days to check whether or not your item has sold and you can either cancel the listing at this point or let it keep running. Lets hope it doesn’t need to be listed that long!

Great question! Bumping meangs that your listing goes to the top of the list. Much like crowd surfing at a concert, it allows for more exposure and means it is less likely to just be lost in the crowd. 

With the ‘Bump Package’, the listing will be bumped once after 14 days. 

The ‘Featured’ and ‘Featured PLUS+’ packages do not include bumping as they are already at the top constantly as they are featured.

Listings that have been bumped or featured have different banners to indicate their status.

Hey, it crossed my mind when listing on other websites too! Unfortuntaly not.