Talon FS Container

  • July 13, 2023 10:11 pm
  • NSW
Talon FS Container


  • Category : Harness and Container Systems
  • Container System Information : Talon
  • AAD / MARD : NOT included


    • Upward closing main pin cover: Eliminating potential to release during FreeFlying
    • Body contoured horizontal webbing: Making the fs extremely comfortable to wear, hugging the body allowing the rig and wearer to move as one
    • Wrap-around bridle protection system: keeping the bridle covered during flight & improving the aesthetic appeal
    • Hard Housings secured by clamps: eliminating the need for hand tacking and minimising reserve or release cable exposure
    • Flat RW8 stainless steel harness rings: prevents harness distortion, while maintaining its comfort and flexibility of movement
    • Yoke and shoulder design: as well as it’s incredible comfort and aesthetics, this keeps the risers and housing covered without effecting opening function
    • MARD: (Main Assisted Reserve Deployment) system available as an option with a Talon FS. It is also available in a retrofit kit to existing Talon FS owners.


  • Additional options:
RSL (Reserve Static Line Supplied & Fitted) (+$70.00)
MARD system (+$420.00)

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