92 Leia, near new

  • August 30, 2023 7:00 pm
  • QLD
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new
92 Leia, near new


  • Category : Main Parachutes
  • Main Brand, Model & Size : Jyro Leia 92 custom, full RDS, delivered April 22


This delightful little wing, of jellybean size and appearance, is now perfectly run in. Only solo deployments, and only the lightest of front riser approaches. Mainly on Sundays, before Church, etc. She has never gone, like, super hard or anything. Multiple rotations a rarity; it’s all been about having an exquisite opening, then making sure that right toe kisses the water long-time before parking it in the box.
(Takes big drag on vape)
At sub-100 jumps, this sweet, sweet (sweet) main is what you’ve probably woken up dreaming about, early in the morning. Yes. You and I are the same. She has so few lines! She is so easy to pack! And so, so colourful! The contrast against sea, or sand, or the green green grass of home is stunning; you will stand out not only in the air, but at the bar afterwards. Surely. It’s just one step back from BarbieCore, so it’s not necessarily ostentatious. Red topskin, golden underwear, mangenta powerband. Try and do better. You can’t.
(hits vape again, just harder this time)
She comes with a full RDS, and she’s never been flown otherwise. It’s the only way she likes it. Free of all restraints, flexing her wingtips to her ultimate extent – away from the drudgery of towing a pilot chute, or a disastrously inefficient d-bag. Fly! Be free!
Reluctantly offerred, to be honest; it’s very important to me that she gets homed properly.
She’s 92 square feet, which is substantially larger than any bedsheet; you can pooh-pooh anyone accusing you of flying a “hankie” (0.3 sq ft).
Enclosed is a pic from beneath; I’ve spared you any vision of suspended mass, and she moves too quickly for above shots. But she’s luminous.
(vapes. coughs.)
These flying machines cost many thousands of dollars; you could save some thousands of dollars in a private acqusition, such as this. Express your interest via DM please.
I’m absolutely not leaving her for another canopy.
Even something like her sister.
Oh no. I’ve said too much.
Please make sure Leanne never sees this post.