Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register if I am just looking?

Firstly, welcome to Australian Parachute Classified! 

Absolutely not. You can browse listings until your heart's content.

However, to protect our sellers from spam and non-genuine interest, we have intentionally made it a requirement for any user wanting the contact information of a seller, to create an account.

How do I register?

Located on the top right of any page there is the 'my account' icon which if clicked will take you to a login screen where you can create a new account, or alternatively you can click HERE.

If you have any problems registering an account, please contact us


How do I  make a listing?

Listing an item for sale is FREE! Click on 'Post Your Ad' at the top of the page, create an account and verify if you haven't already, then post away! 

Once you submit the advertisement, it WILL be reviewed by the admin team prior to being visible and it may be resubmitted if there are any issues.

There isn't an appropriate category for the item I want to list?

We have strived to make the website simple to use and to include the main items and categories but we may have missed something! 

Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

You can contact us HERE 

Ads are currently listed indefinitely until they are marked as sold or removed by the user. 

We are working on notification reminders to prompt users to remove the advertisement should the item no longer be available. 

If you come across an advertisement that has been sold but is still listed as 'available', please let us know.

How do I buy something that is advertised?

You will first need to register an account which will then allow you to see contact information of the seller. This feature has been introduced to ensure that sellers are only contacted by genuine potential buyers.

Once you have registered, return to the listing and you will be able to obtain the contact information and be one step closer to flying! 

Come across a bug or issue with the website? 

Please report the bug by going to the contact page or sending us an email at

The website has an inbuilt chat function that we are currently being tested with users. 

If someone sends you a chat message, you will be sent an email notification. 

To see and reply to this message, go to:

Log in > My Account > Chat

The 'chat' menu is located under the 'my account' side menu which has the three vertical lines icon.