Where did this start? 

     When I completed my AFF in 2022 and rolled into my B-reels, I started looking for a rig. Much to my surprise, finding a starter rig was going to be more effort than I had thought. I was guided to join several social media groups, scroll for hours and hope that something shows up. Patience is not one of my strengths!

     I didn’t like scrolling for hours and having no way to filter for what I was looking for and I didn’t like having international listings on an ‘Australian’ buy/sell page. No way was I going to send thousands overseas to someone I had never met for something I will never see and couldn’t get inspected by a local trusted rigger. 

     So I had the idea of starting a website, and reached out to some well known instructors I had met on my journey through my AFF. The feedback was ‘we need something like that, it’s a great idea’, and the flip side was, ‘we have something that already works’.

My opinion on the saying -‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ goes out the window when we are talking about life saving equipment!

     Rewind a bit to 2017 when I worked for a prestige car manufacturer as a Parts Interpreter. I took a 6 month break from the business and when I returned, management had changed. Upon returning I immediately noticed there were several fundamental issues which had negative financial implications, overall staff moral had declined and conflict between departments was on the rise. 

Long story short, when the Dealer Principle sat down with me after my resignation letter to pitch his ideas to keep me there, my response to his pitch was, “the ship is sailing but you have holes in the hull and you’re bleeding cash through mistakes and poor processes. You you don’t care because you’re still sailing and making money, but you could me making more if you intervened and addressed the issues between the departments”. My point was, there was a history of things not changing at the business because of the ‘things are working’ (clearly not well) attitude which resulted in not only a loss of income, but also poor staff moral – which I wasn’t going to remain a part of. 

Sometimes without a fresh set of eyes and motivation to change what is, we are unable to reap the benefits of what could be.

     Fast forward to 2023 where my attitude today about ‘change’ remains the same – it is necessary. That is applicable to what I have set out to achieve with this website. I believe there is a better way for people like me and other people within the Australian skydiving community to find gear, so I have set out to make that a reality. Fortunately for me had some entrepreneur friends in my corner that guided me on how to start a business and the website, and here we are.

– Corey Taylor

2023. Corey Taylor yeeting at Picton on AFF Stage 9

The ‘APC’ goal

We want this platform to be the first place people go when looking for new or used gear for sale in Australia. We want to make the platform easy to use for anyone wanting to advertise their gear for sale, which includes individuals, businesses, suppliers and manufacturers.

This means working with individuals, businesses, suppliers and manufacturers to list as many products as possible in the one place so users can easily find and compare new and used products from around Australia. 

We want you to spend less time on the ground looking for gear more time in the clouds using it.


The roadmap

This platform will take time to grow into what we envision it to be. We hope to work with all the above mentioned parties to provide as many advertisements and choice to consumers as possible. 


We are coming to a DZ near you! We intend on holding social events at DZ’s across Australia (starting with NSW) to put a face to the website, meet new people and share our enthusiasm about how this platform can benefit the skydiving community.  We hope to see you soon!


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