Lets spend less time looking for gear and more time jumping with it

The APC goal.

     To make the process easier, faster and better – so you spend less time looking for gear and more time jumping with it. Simple.

      But what isn’t so simple is trust – trusting sellers and trusting advertising platforms. 

      The skydiving community has long been plagued with dodgy sellers  which is made difficult and more likely to come across when using places like Facebook groups and buying from international sellers. That has been part of the motivation in creating the website and a huge focus when creating the processes behind it.

      ALL advertisements are reviewed and triaged PRIOR to being posted to the website in an attempt to eliminate dodgy ads. Do not be surprised if your local DZ or rigger lets you know we called for a reference check. The community needs to trust the website as much as the sellers on it.

      The website is made with the buyer in mind with the process of advertising made as seamless as possible for the seller. The community as a whole is the driving force of this platform and always will be. If you have any feedback, complaints or troubleshooting, please contact me.

2023. Corey yeeting at Picton on AFF Stage 9

Where did this all start? 

     When I completed my AFF in 2022 and rolled into my B-reels, I started looking for a rig. Much to my surprise, finding a starter rig was going to be more effort than I had thought. I was guided to join several social media groups, scroll for hours and hope that something shows up that suited my height, weight and ability (or lack of).

     I didn’t like doom scrolling for hours and having no way to filter for what I was looking for and I didn’t like having international listings on an ‘Australian’ buy/sell page. I share a common community mistrust for purchasing something as important as a skydiving rig from an overseas seller. 

     So the question arose – in this digital age, why was there not a trusted website to find local gear and why are we relying on Facebook groups? The idea of starting a website lingered, and so I reached out to some instructors I had met on my journey through my AFF. The feedback was – “we need something like that, it’s a great idea”, with countering opinions being, “we have something that already works”.

      With an idea in mind and time off from my daily job, I consulted with some people much smarter than myself and set to work to establish a platform that would benefit the current and emerging community of skydivers. 

And, here we are.

Where to from here? 

      Twenty Twenty Three (2023) was a cracker of a year with the establishment of the website and where I had the opportunity to meet some phenomenal riggers, manufacturers, instructors and jumpers. All in journey to making this website what it is whilst gaining an education and appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes to support the Australian Skydiving community. 

      I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to sponsor the 2023 Barwon Heads ‘Surf & Turf’ Boogie which was organised and ran by some brilliant humans with amazing talents. The future looks much like that. Spreading the word about the website, building trust with the community and sharing what I have learned along the way while hopefully supporting more great events.